VANNON Trucker Hats
VANNON Trucker Hats

VANNON Trucker Hats

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VANNON Logo Trucker Foamy Hat - Engineered to provide camouflage in most Truck stops. Rep VANNON with our custom Trucker hat available in black and white or navy and white.


Campers, outdoor enthusiasts and athletes now have access to the sweetest adventure vans in California. Each van will be custom built for off-the-grid adventure dry camping.

VANNON rentals have stock amenities readily equipped. We also provide a variety of optional accessories like SUPs, bike racks, chairs & tables, tents, hammocks and more.

We are currently teamed up with Outdoorsy and GoCamp to better facilitate your rental needs.

How it works:

  1. Pick a van
  2. Select one of our rental partners
  3. Lock it in
  4. Get your van on!

Questions? Send a message.






 Sterling Van Wagenen 144 2x4

Vanna White 144 4x4

Stoney Baloney 144 4x4 - Coming Soon

Big Gray Jr. 170 - 4x4 - Coming Soon


Features of the van

Solar power - outdoor shower - Portapotty - Sink - 24 gal fresh water tank  - Outdoor cooking gear - cutlery & flatware - Diesel air and water heater - 110 and USB charging stations -

Bedding - towels


Where it can be taken (different terrains- snow, etc)

These vans can be taken just about anywhere. Our vans are built for everything ‘From the Mountains to the Sea and for everything in between’.


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