Do I need a special license to drive a Class B Van Conversion?
Nope, you do not need a special license to drive most van conversions. If the RV is
45 ft. long or less, and you aren’t towing something over 10,000 lbs., then your
Class C drives license is good. (Note that this requirement varies by state)
How many miles are included?
We allow 100 miles per day. Here’s an example, if your reservation is 14 days, you
have a total of 1400 miles to use.
Can I bring my pet along?
We’re cool with animals. Travelers with furry co-pilots do need to pay a
‘Pet Fee’ of $120. Our standard ‘Security Deposit’ is also in place to
cover any incidentals.
What do I do if I get a flat tire?
All vehicles are equipped with a spare and tire changing equipment. If you need
help, Road Side Assistance is available to purchase with your reservation. If you
need help, call us and we’ll send the cavalry.
Do the vans have heated air and water?
Yes! Our vans have thermostat-controlled heating systems. We build our vans
with Webasto diesel air and water heaters for your comfort.
Do I need a cooler?
We’ve got it covered. The vans come with either a Dometic electric
cooler boxes or an IsoTherm refrigerator that run off of solar power. If
you want ice, you may want to add a cooler to your rental.




What types of vans does VANNON convert?
We are currently focusing on Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 / 2x4 and the Mercedes
Metris. We will also be working with Ford Transit & Dodge ProMaster soon.
Can VANNON provide the van?
The most popular way is to discuss your build with the VANNON team. We’d be
happy to introduce you to one our preferred dealers. It is best to order the right
platform and other options for your conversion.

Can VANNON do partial conversions?
Yes. Level of conversion varies.

How about modifying existing Class B Camper / Travel Vans?
We currently do not work on vans that are 2007 or older. Contact us to find out
Do VANNON built vans have a Warranty?
We proudly stand behind our work. Warranties are good for 3 years/36,000 miles
for the VANNON conversions. The appliances and other systems are covered by
their respective manufacturers.

Do you have other questions? Contact: info@vannon.com